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A typical kind of network cable used with wired networks is an Ethernet cable. Within a local area network, Ethernet cables link devices like PCs, routers, and switches.

The length and robustness of these physical cables are their limitations. A network cable won’t be able to convey a strong network signal if it is too long or of low quality. One reason several types of Ethernet connections like Cat 5e and Cat 6 Cabling in Cincinnati exist that are designed to accomplish particular jobs in particular circumstances is because of these limitations.

What does an Ethernet Cat 5e and Cat 6 Cabling in Cincinnati look like?

While a typical phone cable is similar to an ethernet Cat 5e and Cat 6 Cabling in Cincinnati, it is larger and includes more conductors. Whereas the design and plugs of the two cables are identical, an Ethernet cable has eight wires while a phone line only has four. Additionally, Ethernet cable connectors are bigger.

Phone cables are typically grey, although Ethernet cables are available in a wide range of colours.

Phone cable ports are smaller than Ethernet ports, which accept Cat 5e and Cat 6 Cabling in Cincinnati. Access to an Ethernet port on a computer is made possible via the Ethernet card on the motherboard. Typically, a desktop computer’s or laptop’s side or rear will have this port.

How to choose Ethernet cable?

Cat 5e and Cat 6 Cabling in Cincinnati are just a couple of the industry standards that are supported by Ethernet connections. These standards are typically referred to as Cat 5e and Cat 6 Cabling in Cincinnati, respectively, by technicians. As a result, this abbreviated terminology is also used frequently in network cable-related online retailers.

What does Cat refer to?

You’ll quickly realise that Ethernet cables are classified into “Cat” categories when you start looking for specific models to suit your needs. Why does that matter?

Simply put, “cat” stands for “category.” The specification version that the cable supports is indicated by the number that follows. Higher numbers, measured in megahertz, typically correspond to quicker speeds and higher frequencies (MHz). Like with most technologies, newer cables often enable more bandwidths, resulting in faster connections and better download rates.

More sophisticated Cat numbers might also suggest more dependable performance and greater long-distance performance. Because performance does tend to decrease over long distances, Ethernet cables often have two speed ratings, one at about 10 to 30 metres and one at 100 metres.

Ethernet cables types

Cat 5e

“Enhanced” is what the “e” in Cat 5e stands for. The Cat 5 and Cat 5e cables are identical in appearance. To prevent unwanted signal transfers between communication channels, manufacturers create Cat 5e cables in accordance with stricter testing requirements (crosstalk). Since it can support speeds faster than Cat 5 cables and has a cheap production cost, Cat 5e is now the most widely used cable.

Cat 6

Compared to Cat 5e cables, the Cat 6 Ethernet cable enables greater bandwidths. They are tightly wrapped and frequently have shielding made of foil or braid. The twisted pairs of wires inside the Ethernet cable are shielded, reducing crosstalk and interference from noise. Technically, speeds up to 10Gbps for up to 55 metres are supported with cat 6 cables. However, that speed comes at a cost because Cat 6 cables are more expensive than Cat 5e alternatives.

Colours of Ethernet cable

In terms of performance, the colour of your Ethernet cable is irrelevant and has no bearing on anything. To recognise what a given cable is being used for, to identify the type of connection, or to set their connection apart from other suppliers, cable vendors may assign distinct colours.

For instance, the colours green and yellow could indicate crossover connections, PoE (Power over Ethernet), blue could indicate server-specific cables, etc. There isn’t a set rule here, though: Many installers merely utilise colour to keep intricate Ethernet cable configurations in data centres more organised.

Things to Consider About Buying Cables

A single Cat 5e and Cat 6 Cabling in Cincinnati has a maximum distance capacity, which is the maximum distance it may be used for without experiencing signal loss (called attenuation). This issue arises as a result of how long cables’ high electrical resistance degrade performance.

The cable should have both ends sufficiently close to one another to receive signals rapidly and sufficiently away from external electrical interference to prevent disruptions. However, because gear like routers or hubs can connect many Cat 5e and Cat 6 Cabling in Cincinnati on the same network, this precaution does not impose a size restriction on a network. The network diameter is the space between the two devices.

A CAT5e cable can be as long as 100m before attenuation takes place (328ft). CAT6 has a 700-foot range. Although Ethernet cables can be longer, signal loss is possible, especially if they pass close to powerful electrical appliances.

Different RJ-45 connection varieties have various uses. One kind is incompatible with solid cables because it was created for use with stranded wires. Other RJ-45 connection varieties might function with both stranded and solid wires.


On your gadget, look for an Ethernet port. It is built squarely to suit the common RJ45 connection. Connect the other end of the cable to a router or another network device after inserting one end of the cable into a computer port that is open.

Yes, you can run Ethernet wires over exterior walls or in between buildings. Choose weatherproof wires or cables with a protective covering for greater resilience against the elements.

If your network supports Gigabit Ethernet, you might choose to choose Cat 5e and Cat 6 Cabling in Cincinnati rather than Cat5 cables from the previous generation.

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